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Advertising Agency Cedar Grove

We are a full-service advertising agency in Cedar Grove that utilizes two of the biggest digital marketing powerhouses: Google and Facebook.

These two platforms are the most beneficial to be on because every one of your target clients uses them on a daily basis.

Source One handles everything from setting up campaigns, targeting your audience, implementing call tracking, and any other additional services.

we cut away wasted spend and hone in on the areas that drive leads and convert sales for your business. Better results. Reduced costs. Saved time. Facebook and PPC ads made simple

Whats your Objective?

Deciding on whether to use Google PPC, Facebook ads, or both can be confusing.

Defining your objectives is critical when deciding what advertising platform you want to use for your campaign to yield the results you are after.

Google Adwords-Pay Per Click strengths

Adwords main strength is being able to target people with strong search intent.

Adwords allows you to target people at specific points in the buying process.

This is extremely beneficial to local New Jersey business owners because understanding what your target customer searches for online.

this allows you to be the go-to source when they are looking for your product or service.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising main strength is you are able to hyper-target your ideal clients with pinpoint accuracy.

You are able to target your ideal customer based on, age, gender, interests, income, occupation, and any other specific traits about your target customer.

Facebook is ideal for spreading awareness of your product or service to interested prospects who would not have known of it otherwise.

A huge benefit of Facebook ads is you are able to receive the engagement most of the time for $1.00 per click or less.

Digital advertsing process


  • Identify if Google ads or Facebook Ads is best for you
  • Develop landing pages
  • Create Campaigns
  • Define your goals


  • Manage Bids
  • Implement split testing
  • Increase share of voice
Cedar Grove Adwords Optimazation Icon


  • Improve your CTR
  • Drive down costs
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Refine your audience

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